Seismographs & Other Products


Accudata offers a range of ground vibration monitors (seismographs). The GVM1, designed specifically for civil engineering projects, is very, very easy to use.

The GVM3 is the latest addition to our range of seismographs and is very easy to use.

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Sound Level Meters

The Nova range of six high-performance Sound Level Meters successfully combines advanced technology noise measurement methods with ease of use and durability. They are ideal for meeting the demands of Noise at Work Regulations.

All of the key noise parameters are measured and displayed at the same time, saving you time, whilst keeping the instrument simple to use.


Personal Noise Dosimeter

Accudata now has Personal Sound Exposure Meters for hire. This small wearable device would typically be ideal for employees who are exposed to different noisy machinery over a working day. To read about this new device, please click here to visit our other Accudata website.


Water Leak Detectors

The Aquascope-3 water leak detector is shown in the picture with all its accessories, is very easy to use to detect water leaks where there is sufficient pressure to enable the leak to be heard.

It uses a geophone as a ground microphone and a digital electronic amplifier with filters that greatly reduce background noise.

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Contact Accudata

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Next day Delivery

Accudata provides next day delivery to site. Seismographs and sound level meters are delivered to site by courier to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.


Calibrated equipment All seismographs and sound level meters are calibrated to traceable British Standards. A calibration certificate is included with every instrument....