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The Accudata GVM-Alert is a dual stage wireless alarm system for use with Accudata ground vibration monitors. The transmitter, pictured above left, is plugged into the Accudata GVM-1. The receiver will alert by flashing LEDs and sounding the beeper, when vibration levels exceed either of the 2 user pre-set levels for example: 7.5mm/s & 15mm/s PPV.

The receiver has a range of up to 30 metres and may, for example, be either carried in a pocket or placed in the cab of the piling rig, giving an immediate warning if permitted levels are exceeded.

Both units are powered by integral rechargeable batteries – charger supplied.

Contact Accudata

Contact Accudata

Accudata Limited
Aspect House
48 The Spinney

Tel: 01773 513222

Next day Delivery

Accudata provides next day delivery to site. Seismographs and sound level meters are delivered to site by courier to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.


Calibrated equipment All seismographs and sound level meters are calibrated to traceable British Standards. A calibration certificate is included with every instrument....