Sound Level Meters

Sound Level Meters

Class 1 data-logging Environmental sound level meter / noise analyser with weatherproof kit & software. Click images to see larger view.

  • Very easy to use - Simple operation ensures that you get the functions you need quickly & easily
  • Class 1, formerly known as Type 1
  • Simultaneous measurement & data logging of all available parameters
  • Simultaneous A, C & Z Frequency Weightings
  • Simultaneous F, S & I Time Weightings
  • Real-time 1:1 & 1:3 Octave Band Filters (option)
  • 14 Statistical Ln % values
  • Single 120dB measurement range (20 to 140dB)
  • Audio recording possible during measurements for replay and analysis
  • VoiceTag audio recording before each measurement for note taking
  • Repeating measurements with manual or automatic control
  • Latest digital technology with a high resolution colour OLED display and back-lit keypad
  • 4GB memory as standard

Whatever you need, it's already measured. The Optimus Green sound level meter measures all of the available functions at the same time. For example, if you've set the instrument to display the Ln View and you want to see the 1:3 Octave Bands, just press the right arrow key and you'll get the information you want.

Whatever function you need, everything is measured at the same time, reducing the risk of errors during your measurements.

Contact Accudata

Contact Accudata

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Next day Delivery

Accudata provides next day delivery to site. Seismographs and sound level meters are delivered to site by courier to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.


Calibrated equipment All seismographs and sound level meters are calibrated to traceable British Standards. A calibration certificate is included with every instrument....