It is two and a half years since the launch of the Accudata GVM-1 and it has been a great addition to our rental fleet.

Our customers have been very positive in their comments.  They have told us that other data-logging seismographs that they’ve used are very often difficult to download and/or make a connection with.  We designed out the possibilities of ever having problems of connection and download because the Accudata GVM-1 automatically saves every event to an SD card.  The card is simply unplugged from the GVM-1 and plugged into a computer whereupon a dialogue box opens showing all the files.

Rental clients, who are mainly concerned with measuring ground-borne vibration arising from civil engineering activities appreciate the fact that the Accudata GVM-1 is a dedicated ground vibration monitor and not a blast monitor with a secondary continuous monitoring function, that in certain manufacturer’s instruments appears to have been added as an afterthought!

The GVM-1 was designed for extreme ease of use so that anyone would be able to use it without recourse to reading an instruction manual.  The clear, bright, high resolution colour touch screen operates in a very similar way to that of a bank’s ‘hole in the wall’ cash dispenser.  After pressing the On button, the screen presents the user with five very obvious options, as well as showing the date and time and four icons along the top to indicate the status of the instrument, including a battery condition indicator and one showing that an SD card is fitted.  The first option is Start Recording!

Unlike some other seismographs, the Accudata GVM-1 has no ambiguous choices in the set-up functions meaning that a user will feel comfortable that they are using the instrument correctly.  For rental clients who very often may never have seen a seismograph before, this ease of use is a great help to them.  Our clients tell us that the Accudata GVM-1 is by far the easiest seismograph to use.