Since 2010, Accudata has supplied the Aquascope-3 water leak detector for sale or hire. The Aquascope-3 is designed and manufactured in Switzerland and is well made, reliable and best of all, very easy to use. It has proved to be a great success with our clients who report back praising the instrument.

The Aquascope-3 uses a sensitive ground microphone and the user listens and searches for the noise caused by the leak. As it is often difficult to distinguish different levels of loudness, the Aquascope-3 has a numeric display (the louder the noise, the higher the number shown). This approach is a great help in locating the leak.

Rental clients include major UK manufacturers, stately homes, building contractors, Premiership Club football grounds, plumbers and drainage engineers.

Accudata supplies the Aquascope-3 in a robust carrying case with all the accessories needed, as shown in the picture.

Aquascope-3 in the carrying case