Accudata has recently added the GVM-Alert to the product range.

The GVM-Alert is a two-stage wireless alarm system for use with the Accudata GVM-1 ground vibration monitor to warn when levels of Peak Particle Velocity in mm/s exceed either of two user set thresholds.  The alarm levels are adjustable  between 0.5mm/s &100mm/s.

Alerts are provided by an audible beeper, that may switched off if not required, and a flashing amber LED if levels exceed the first user set level  and a flashing red LED if levels exceed the second user set level.

The transmitter unit is plugged directly into the GVM-1, whilst the receiver unit may be moved around as necessary so long as it is kept within the 100metre range of the transmitted signal.

Accudata GVM-Alert

The Accudata GVM-Alert Wireless Alarm System