Having supplied other manufacturer’s ground vibration monitors to civil engineers for many years, Accudata recognised that it would be sensible to produce a seismograph designed to be used without the need to read a manual.  Most civil engineering companies rent vibration monitoring kit when the job requires it.  The person assigned to carry out the monitoring may never have seen the kit before and reading through a user manual is the last thing they need.

The Accudata GVM-10 is housed in a durable metal alloy body and is supplied in a good quality carrying case with foam compartments for the instrument, all its accessories and a single A4 page user guide.  Should it ever be needed, there is a full manual on the memory stick provided.

All seismographs supplied by Accudata are manufactured to the highest possible levels of accuracy and, immediately after production, Accudata’s seismographs are tested and calibrated by an independent laboratory that holds the world’s highest level of accreditation for qeophone calibration. This ensures that our seismographs are highly accurate and each one is supplied with a certificate of calibration.

The GVM-10 has a single range measuring Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) between 0.03mm/s and 200mm/s with a frequency range of 2Hz to 250Hz.  After siting the tri-axial geophone sensor, all that is required to begin monitoring and event is to switch on and press a single button. The GVM-10 shows the levels, with their frequencies, in each axis on the display and it updates every 2 seconds. Data for each event recorded are stored on an SD card.

The GVM-10 contains an integral battery and is supplied with a battery charger.  Battery life is 50 hours continuous usage or the GVM-10 may be run continuously with the charger plugged into a mains supply.

To make things even easier for the user, accessing the data is carried out by plugging the SD card into a computer, rather than directly connecting the GVM-10, thus totally removing possible connectivity problems.

A single event may be up to 24 hours duration. If the unit is left monitoring unattended, another event will automatically begin at midnight and the SD card is able to store 1000 events.

The supplied analysis software may be run directly from the memory stick if software installation is not allowed by the users company or in cases where permission from the IT department is needed before installation is allowed. The software enables an A4 printout (a bar-graph of levels of PPV against time) for each event. The data may be exported for use in a spreadsheet or put into pdf format for sending to third parties.

Accudata has a hire fleet of GVM-10s ready for next day delivery to site with highly competitive rates.  If there is a requirement to purchase, we also have brand new units ready to despatch.

With many years experience, Accudata will be pleased to answer any questions a user may have regarding  ground vibration monitoring.