The Accudata GVM-1 Seismograph is one of the world’s most accurate vibration monitors designed to monitor ground-borne vibration in full compliance with BS5228-2:2009+A1:2014.

The Accudata GVM-1 will record values of PPV from 0.03mm/s-1 up to 140mm/s-1 between 4Hz and 128Hz with a resolution of 0.01mm/s-1.

The linearity in each axis between 4Hz and 128Hz is extremely flat (as may be seen in the graph). Accuracy below 50Hz is of paramount importance when complying with British and International Standards.  We at Accudata believe that the GVM-1 is far superior in its accuracy than very many other instruments currently available.

After manufacture, the new Accudata GVM-1 instruments are adjusted for accuracy using a laser doppler vibrometer, vibration controller, power amplifier, shaker, reference accelerometer and associated equipment. A graph of response is created for each new instrument – see below.

The European testing laboratory that undertakes the adjustment of all new Accudata GVM-1s has (as of December 2014) been awarded ILAC accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 Norm. It is the first company in the world to earn the highest level of accreditation for seismograph’s velocity transducer calibration. It has taken the laboratory almost 5 years to achieve the accreditation.

The laboratory is able to undertake linearity testing (calibration) of all commercially available seismographs.

Accudata GVM-1 graph of linearity

The graph relates to Accudata GVM-1 S/N:2838 manufactured in October 2014 – click on the graph for a better view